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"Being a career Occupational Therapist, I help to solve behavioral issues with children and adolescents. "

The Living Well Center offers services to indigent and frequently overlooked populations through a unique service delivery model which includes a case-management referral system. The Living Well Center provides an individualized case-by-case intake process to identify and address present program needs and assistance with the supportive recommendation.

Our program features include an intense, individualized, and group therapeutic activities program. We have an exercise program under the direction of professional exercise specialists to promote increased physical skills and translate into increased functional abilities. Therapeutic activities include structured arts and crafts, socialization, and recreational activities provided to promote; cognitive stimulation, appropriate peer interaction, communication, increased confidence, self-esteem, positive leisure, and avocational/vocational counsel. Culturally sensitive activities are provided to foster the importance of a shared sense of community and interconnectedness. The student will experience guest motivational, educational, cultural speakers, and artist presentations.

Scheduled periodic outings include, “A Back to Nature expedition,” which will feature a positive interactive nature experience in a natural environment via activities such as botanical gardening, hiking trails, fishing, horseback riding, and more.

The Living Well Center is committed to promoting the empowerment of the vulnerable individual utilizing a holistic approach designed to maintain and improve self-esteem, motivation, increase appropriate stress management abilities, and also productive functional life skills.


We offer special needs programs to promote positive and productive lifestyle changes that will cross over and improve all areas of daily life.

I’m Charles Wiggins,
Occupational Therapist

from Birmingham AL.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. I raised my family in Birmingham. I am a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


I am an Occupational Therapist with over thirty years of experience, specializing in providing psycho-social and physical rehabilitation for youth, adults, and senior citizens.


My passion as an artist and therapist has culminated an understanding of the importance of balancing meaningful creative arts, activities, and exercise as being essential in developing positive self-esteem and a healthy, productive lifestyle.


Creativity connects the mind, body, and spirit. Creativity stimulates focus, action, and expression of feelings positively. Creativity and positive activities improve skills such as paying attention, listening, following directions, and decision-making, which provides immediate gratification. Creativity plays a role in developing the positive self-esteem necessary in combating life's negative influences. 

The Living Well Center aims to provide inspirational lessons, motivational activities, and exercises to increase the highest quality of life while removing obstacles and coping with daily life stress. 

Other program activities include positive self-awareness to encourage increased knowledge of self for understanding while managing the feelings and emotions necessary in developing and maintaining a positive attitude to strengthen relationships. Students explore constructive ways of productive time management, especially using creative expressions.

The Living Well Center's staff consists of professional, qualified individuals and technical volunteers with experience per activity. 

We fully operate with a case-management referral system. Our therapeutic activities program includes an exercise program structured arts, crafts socialization,  and recreational activities to promote cognitive stimulation. Occasionally we have guest motivational/educational speakers and cultural artist presentations.

As a group we have cultural and recreational outings are scheduled as feasible.

Living Well
"Charles is a life changer, having magical skills for helping people with psychotherapy."
~ Andy Bishop, August 2020
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